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Important Questions to Ask your Chimney Liner Installation Professional

Installing a chimney liner in your home in the near future? Choosing the best company to provide that chimney liner installation Prince George’s County MD is important for a job well done. There are many steps that you can take to ensure that you hire the best. Asking lots of questions is one such way. When hiring this expert, be sure that you ask the following questions.

1- Why do I need a new liner?

You could need a new chimney liner because the one that is in your flu is worn out and old. You may need the liner because the current one is damage or even because there isn’t one in place already.

2- Are you experienced?

Make sure that you hire a professional who specializes in liner installation. Those with expertise simply handle the job better! You will get more comfort when there is an experienced expert handling your liner installation needs.

3- What type of liner will you install?

There are three basic types of liners that you can install in your chimney. The light, high performance light, or heavy. The heaviest is the most expensive of the option but also the best, most durable.

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4- Is there a warranty?

It is important that there is a warranty for the liner. You don’t want to waste money on a cheap liner that won’t do the job it’s supposed to do.  When there is a warranty in place, that is one less worry.

These are only four of the important questions to ask the professionals when installing a liner but are all very important. Make your own list of important questions to ask and get the answers that you need to ensure a job well done.