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Bathroom Cleaning Is Very Important

In the bathrooms are concentrated a great majority of germs and dirt that can be harmful to the health of your family, for this reason, cleaning the bathroom is a domestic task somewhat complicated, it is necessary that it is done in a deep and continued way to avoid the creation of fungus and moisture. At the same time, it requires certain elaborated products for cleaning the bathroom.

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Your bathroom counters made from natural stone Oregon sourced may be your pride and joy, but it will soon become a health risk if you don’t clean it properly. Be sure to wipe down your surfaces with a disinfectant often, especially if you keep your toothbrushes, cloths, and other bathroom items on the counters.

There is no single way to clean the bathrooms, cleaning must be done constantly. You can start with the bath or shower tray depending on which one you have at home. Remember to clean the corners and lift the carpet to ensure everything is shiny.

To see the shiny taps, do not forget to always dry it after using it, as over time it is very difficult to remove water and lime stains.

It’s important to thoroughly sanitize everything in the bathroom at least once a week. Clean in this order: sinks, baths and showers, toilets, floors, walls (if necessary). Throw away the sponge or cloth you used to clean your bathroom after each cleaning session; do not keep it after it has been made dirty since the bacteria will breed there.

It’s advisable to clean your bathroom drains with drain cleaner at least once a month. This will prevent clogging and unpleasant scents later on. Remember to wipe down your shower heads and tie a bag of vinegar around it once a week as well to prevent it from becoming clogged and restricting water flow.